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EnergyIndependenceToday (empowured.net)
July Newsletter

Hello everyone!

I hope your summer is going great…
there are wonderful things happening at Citizenre…
and in the World!!!

We will be doing our first Citizenre solar installation on the Living with Ed show. The installation is scheduled to be recorded in three weeks. The Living With Ed show is on theHGTV channel which starts their fall season at the end of August. We do not know the exact time it will be aired, but we will let you know.

Since our plant is not online, we will need to use panels from another manufacturer, but the show will focus on our rental model and how we make solar simple. The installation will even be done by our own Stephen Gates.(Ecopreneur)

This will be an exciting milestone in the growth of our mission.

… and here are a few websites with very interesting renewable energy-techno news….

Two new engines driven by air!

The new SUMO electric motorcycle

The Cutting Edge… Solar Motorcycle

Project Energy: Better Fuel Efficiency? Water Powered cars?

Climate Crisis Jam

Malibu Protest against Liquid Natural Gas

Gov. Patrick promises $9M for solar power for state facilities

New York’s Taxi Fleet to Go Green by 2012

2007 Michigan Earth Keeper Energy Summit inspires hundreds to conserve; updates wind power bill

The Green Book – the everyday guide to saving the planet, one simple step at a time:

Ford Announces Hydrogen-Electric Plug-in Hybrid Drive and Airstream Concept http://www.greencarcongress.com/2007/01/ford_announces_.html
GM Introduces E-Flex Electric Vehicle System; Chevrolet Volt the First Application

As some of you may or may not know…
we have a very special golden birthday coming this Saturday…
It is very special for me because my little boy, Sequoia, will be two years old!

It is also a very special day for the world because it is a day
of climate awareness through the LiveEarth concerts
on seven continents across the globe.
please visit http://www.LiveEarth.org

Hope you have a very joy filled 7.7.7!
Best regards,
Bruce Marshall-Jones

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