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EnergyIndependenceToday (empowured.net)
Team Newsletter
June 1, 2007

Hello everyone!

Spring has sprung… and I for one have been quite busy. It has been a while since the last newsletter so I will just give you the cream of the current crop of news and support information I have been gathering.
Remember to have fun and share your passion!
-Bruce Marshall-Jones

Support the S.O.L.A.R. Act in congress
(Solar Opportunity and Local Access Rights)
Tell congress to support the securing of America’s Energy Independence Act!
I got this from a new site called Powurwiki, put together by other Ecopreneurs. You may also find even more great information there.
http://powurwiki.pbwiki.com (The password is solar909)
From Rob Styler… here is a link from a recent radio interview with David Gregg, the CEO of Citizenre. This is a long stream and David is in the last part. Before David, Jeff Wolfe, who has been active critic of ours, shares his model and his perspective. He is not aggressively against us in this interview, but he suggests that we are not real.
David’s responses are great and the enthusiasm of the hosts is priceless!
Here is another good source of information showing the net metering programs by state.
Just in case you did not get my last email here is another copy of the new Ecopreneur video put together by Rob Styler…
Great News Wire – Airtricity Finalizes Largest Wind Project to Date
Residential Electricity Prices: A Consumer’s Guide
from the EIA (Energy Information Administration)
Get the kids enrolled in solar energy!
Silicon Valley Expores Solar Technology… ABC News
Energy Crisis – Robert Redford on Larry King Live

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