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We all care about our children and their future. The issue of Global Warming is more important than any political party or country. Indeed it is probably the most important issue of our time. The arguing solves little and the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.

This “must see” video is valuable for you regardless of which side of the fence you are on.
The report is from CBC in Canada. It is worth keeping an open mind on the issue of Global Warming as it has become so full of rhetoric.

The Denial Machine (With Updates)

“In the past few years, a rhetorical firestorm has engulfed the debate about global warming, pitting science against spin, with inflammatory words on both sides. That debate only intensified recently when former Vice-President Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize for his populist environmental campaign.

Last season, the fifth estate’s Bob McKeown investigated the roots of another kind of campaign–one to negate the science and the threat of global warming. You can watch The Denial Machine again, more timely than ever, with new, updated information.”

The final thoughts are from an improbable source…

“If you really care about Global Warming…
Take it out of the politiacl sphere,
Take it out of trying to beat each other up over the head,
Be Honest,
Do not yell,
Focus on solutions that will actually make a difference.
Not everything in life is about politics!”

-Frank Luntz – Republican Guru
(Once a staunch denier and word smith for GWB playbook on GW…
now a Global Warming believer)

Hope this helps some folks balance all the heated debate out there.

P.S. Here is the same scenario in a different light…

I guy walks up to the bar and says to the fella (a.k.a. Denier) sitting there… hey bro’ can you put that cigarette out.. it is not the best for my lungs or yours?

The fella gives him the finger and says I got a right to smoke here and anywhere I choose… don’t you dare restrict my freedoms. I’ve got plenty of doctors that will tell you there is no link proving that smoking causes cancer! Heck if your alarmist points of view were provable don’t you think the FDA would shut down the tobacco industry? And don’t give me that surgeon general (aka. IPCC) warning hype. That is just a conspiracy of pro-health, anti-freedom, liberal, fear mongering A-holes. Just look at the money trail of who funds those cancer research (a.k.a. Pro-GW) think tanks. Those doctors (a.k.a. scientists) are making a mint on that research. My freedoms and the economy of the tobacco industry (a.k.a. Fossil Fuel industry) is suffering. And when they suffer we all suffer. It is just wrong. They have no idea the damage their ideology will do to the economy of this country and the world.

The Bro’ (aka. alarmist) says, whooo dude peace and love…. you just keep doing what you want but my wife, little boy, and little girl are sitting at the table over yander and they have been diagnosed with asthma . Plus the example you are setting really is not the best for future generations. Since I can’t cite the Surgeon General’s Warning I will assume you don’t care about the other research pertaining to the link between second hand smoke (a.k.a. CO2) and asthma or lung cancer (a.k.a. Global Warming). The corrupt doctors that are telling you that smoking does not cause cancer are funded by the tobacco industry. The doctors have told me is was from the second hand smoke they have been exposed to. Furthermore the sign above the bar says… No Smoking. So since you are smoking, I’ll have to assume you are on fire and put you out!

Yea, like you and what army Bro’? The next thing ya know they will put those damn signs up everywhere. Then they’ll probably even ask me to go outside like a someone’s dog. What do you think those alarmist doctors motivation is? The health of the people and the air they breath?… The goodness of their hearts? … Not!… they are just jumping on the next cash cow… cancer research. Look and the dollars funding that industry. It’s huge. There is the corruption!

Now the sad thing about this scenario and how it relates to our discussion about global warming is that the risks are far far greater. How we manage the risk assessment of the two possible outcomes is huge. It is a far greater challenge than any other generation has ever faced.

So… let’s say the “deniers” are right and we still move forward with climate change solutions that the vast majority of the planet agrees with. The most we would have to loose is some changes in our ways of using the earth’s resources and money. Even that is questionable with new technologies coming on line with the renewable energy markets being very profitable. This is a WIN-WIN outcome.

Then…. let’s say the “deniers” are wrong and we still move forward with climate change solutions that the vast majority of the planet agree with. We save world economies, we save millions of lives, we have better health through cleaner air, water and soil. This is a WIN-WIN outcome.

The Shameful and Shameless Links Between Big Tobacco and Global Warming Deniers

The global warming deniers aren’t just a creation of fossil fuel companies, like ExxonMobil. British author and environmental activist George Monbiot exposes their links to the tobacco industry in an extract from his new book, Heat.
Monbiot lays out the case that “corporate funding of lobby groups denying that manmade climate change is taking place was … started by the tobacco company Philip Morris.” For instance, in 1993, Philip Morris created a phony citizens group to discredit EPA research showing the dangers of second-hand smoke, the Orwellian-named, “the Advancement of Sound Science Coalition.” That coalition launched the career of well-known denier, Steve Milloy, publisher of Junkscience.com, dedicated to misleading the public on a host of critical science issues, especially global warming.
Tobacco smoke harms both those who generate it and those nearby. Greenhouse gas emissions are far less discriminating, and will leave no part of the planet unscathed if they continue to grow unchecked. Anyone who continues to deny the dangerous reality of global warming, who continues to blow smoke in the face of the American public, should be ashamed.

Still not concerned about the link between fossil fuel and deniers?
Here is an interesting link.
The denial industry – For years, a network of fake citizens’ groups and bogus scientific bodies has been claiming that science of global warming is inconclusive. They set back action on climate change by a decade. But who funded them? Exxon’s involvement is well known, but not the strange role of Big Tobacco. In the first of three extracts from his new book, George Monbiot tells a bizarre and shocking new story”

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  1. Thanks Bruce…….as usual it is timely and important information! We really do need to fight the corporate generated false science!!!!!!