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The Enurgy Shift is happening! 0

Dear SolarEnurgy Team,

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks and encouragement for being part of the most exciting paradigm shifts in our lifetime. And for your continued patience with the delays in our ground breaking and pilot install program.

Not very often does one have the chance to be part of the beginning of something so huge and profound. Our purpose of empowering the individual to create their own renewable energy from the sun in an affordable way has so many wonderful implications. Economic, social, national and global.

I have been with Citizenre almost from the beginning, a year and a half ago. We have had delays, we have enhanced our offer. I have grown and learned a tremendous amount in the process.

What I want to share with you is that there are indications that we may have our second phase of funding coming very soon. We have a number of avenues we are pursuing, but one in particular seems to be rising to the top and it is the perfect fit. The story could not be more spectacular even if a Hollywood script writer was crafting the story.

This time we have had to get our skills, knowledge and systems in place to handle the coming large wave of interest… has been perfect. I know in my heart, this is going to happen. I also know it is going to happen much, much faster and bigger than you can imagine. So get ready now. If you have been procrastinating with your Associate test… get it done now. If you have been sitting on the fence… get ready to get pushed off for a very fun ride. If you are actively marketing your business keep up the good work. Your time will be well worth your efforts on many levels!

If you would like to get a third party confirmation of what is going on, please listen to the latest national conference call with Rob Styler and Eco Andrew Perry. It will blow you away. You can find the recording in your back office resources section, within the next day or two. It will be dated 7/27/08.

Please do not get too excited about this. The money is not in the bank yet, and until it is, the fireworks will not be launched. This is also not the only funding source we are pursuing but it may prove to be the one that gets our horse out of the gate in a profound and much needed way.
But I am here to tell you…. get ready… the Enurgy Shift is happening!

We also have some great news from congress….
From Solarbuzz.com:
For more than a year, Congress has attempted to pass a bill to extend incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy like solar but members have been unable to agree on how to pay for the bill.

Last night, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) introduced a new version, “The Jobs, Energy, Families and Disaster Relief Act of 2008,” S.3335, aimed at resolving differences. The bill is expected to be voted on in the Senate as early as next Tuesday, July 29. Extension of the solar tax credits has come up for a vote in the Senate seven times and in the House five times during the 110th Congress and each time has failed to progress.

Baucus stated, “This bill will create jobs, jump-start alternative energy, and ease financial burdens for American families, and Congress needs to act on it now. With gasoline over four dollars a gallon and a lot of folks needing work, there’s a big need for this tax relief right away.”

Passing an eight-year extension of the solar tax credits is critical for our nation’s energy security and economy.

On July 23, 51 governors (all except Georgia) signed a letter to Congressional leadership calling for a long-term extension of the renewable energy tax credits, including solar. The governors cited the important role renewable energy plays in our nation’s energy security and tax incentives will promote a clean, secure, and affordable energy to fuel America’s future.

All good news… I hope this news makes your day!


Here is the link to the call:  Here

P.S. Please watch this video about green entrepreneurship too! HERE

One thought on “The Enurgy Shift is happening!

  1. Howdy Tom

    Thanks for the comment and your interest. There are many folks eagerly waiting for the second round of financing to take Citizenre to the next phase of their development, especially myself. I have been successfully promoting this solution for almost two years, have not been paid a dime, and loved every minute of it. I have yet to have anyone show me what is wrong with their business model, in fact quite the opposite. But the main downside to this startup is patience. Many have lost interest, many are sitting on the fence. Everyone is still cheering and hopeful they will get the funding very soon. The current information is there is funding already planned and a major pilot project slated for 2009 with 10,000 homes. But nothing will be announced until the “money is in the bank”.

    Since there is no financial risk involved, it never hurts to reserve a system. Even better… join me with this grassroots movement while it is still on the ground floor.

    If you are at all uncomfortable with their current lack of results, just wait, and get back to me in a couple of months. The potential is very exciting.